Click here to see a video of Emma.  Careful...her cuteness may be overwhelming!
Emma YouTube



 Pictures of Emma
birthday July 12th


Emma loves her sisters

Sofie Holding Emma


First Bottle

8/5 big belly!
One Month Old


First Real Smile

8/23 Sucking her thumb


Moments of Happiness

Remember my blog about being happy?

I really slacked off with it. :)
Oh well!!  That's Life!!
I imported all the posts from it onto this blog.
Who needs two blogs anyway??
So I decided to start is up again.

Here are some moments of happiness:

- not being pregnant!!  I give thanks for this one
everyday for the past week!

- having a sweet baby girl to take care of

-being able to enjoy the hot weather instead
of feeling like I'm going to die from it :)

-having been able to run my air conditioning
as much as I needed to over the past month
(although Gabe might not like the bill) ;)

-being able to bend over

- healing so well from the C-section

-watching my older girls take such good care
of their new sister (even with a little fighting)

-being able to fit into a pair of normal pants

-having so many friends show me love and support

-starting to feel like my old self again!


Miss Emma

Last night being pregnant
Comparing our bellies!
Sisters can't wait to see Emma
Just Born
Sofia holding Emma for the first time

Isabel meeting her new sister
Home for the first time
First Bath with lots of help from sisters
Ready for first trip with family


Perfect Mother vs Balanced Mother

I received this article in an email.

I enjoyed reading it so much I wanted to share with you.

I am a perfect mother.
Oh? What? You didn’t know that? I’m surprised since I try so hard to broadcast that fact to everyone. That’s why I rush my kids out the door so we won’t be late. That’s why I spit on my hand and wipe their faces so that they won’t look messy. That’s why I whisper harshly to my children, telling them to behave in public.
And all that trying to “be perfect” only increases my imperfection.
How many of us fall into the trap of believing that we need to be “perfect moms” who raise “perfect children?” That we need to mother a certain way, dress a certain way, keep our homes a certain way and discipline a certain way. That our kids need to behave a certain way, look a certain way and speak a certain way.  Those are called puppets, not children. And we behaving like actors, not mothers.

Perfection vs. Balance

The world calls us to be “perfect” mothers, but I believe God calls us to be “balanced” mothers.

A “perfect” mother puts appearance above relationship.
A “balanced” mother sacrifices appearance for relationship.

A “perfect” mother seeks approval from others.
A “balanced” mother seeks approval from God.

A “perfect” mother finds reward in perceived success.
A “balanced” mother’s reward is a peaceful heart, family and home.

A “perfect” mother perpetuates the lie and spreads disillusionment.
A “balanced” mother breaks the lie and spreads hope, truth and inspiration.

Please visit Inspired To Action
to read the full article written by Kat