Moments of Happiness

Remember my blog about being happy?

I really slacked off with it. :)
Oh well!!  That's Life!!
I imported all the posts from it onto this blog.
Who needs two blogs anyway??
So I decided to start is up again.

Here are some moments of happiness:

- not being pregnant!!  I give thanks for this one
everyday for the past week!

- having a sweet baby girl to take care of

-being able to enjoy the hot weather instead
of feeling like I'm going to die from it :)

-having been able to run my air conditioning
as much as I needed to over the past month
(although Gabe might not like the bill) ;)

-being able to bend over

- healing so well from the C-section

-watching my older girls take such good care
of their new sister (even with a little fighting)

-being able to fit into a pair of normal pants

-having so many friends show me love and support

-starting to feel like my old self again!

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Presley family said...

OH my what a beautiful family you have!!!!!! They are just to darn cute for words!!!! Congrats and BIG HUGS!